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School Loop

To register in School Loop, please follow these directions:

1. Go to:

2. Click on the blue Register Now button.

3. For students: click Student Registration

4. For parents: click Parent Registration

5. Fill out the form – you must have your student’s Identification Number. If you have e-mail you will receive daily updates and your student’s teacher will be able to e-mail you information; if you do not have e-mail, leave that area blank.
Should you have any difficulty with registering or using the School Loop program, please contact Mr. McKendric at


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Chacon, Daniel (626) 471-3000 ex.5056 Teacher
DeNeui, Anna (626) 471-3000 ex.5003 Teacher
Duisberg, David (626) 471-3000 ex.5006 Teacher
Edwards, Jason (626) 471-3000 ex.5009 Teacher
Fertig, Flint (626) 471-3030 Principal
Holman, Daniel (626) 471-3000 ex.5055 Teacher
Johnson, Jordyn (626) 471-3000 ex.3006 Counselor
Johnson, Matt (626) 471-3000 ex.5025 Teacher
Luna, Rhonda (626) 471-3029 Counselor
McKendrick, Calvin (626) 471-3002 Assistant Principal
Rosenstein, Tom (626) 471-3000 ex.5011 Teacher
Zanteson, Lori (626) 471-3000 ex.5006 Teacher
Today: 6/25/17